Supporting your local coffee part is incredibly important to contributing to your local economy. Coffee is a legal drug that is not going anywhere. Too many people rely on it in order to make it through their day. In fact, there is simply nothing more refreshing to help wake you up in the morning that that aromatic coffee, which you can find at your local coffee bars. So how do you know what local coffee bar is actually worth your time, money, and patronage?

Here’s my tips:

They roast their own beans. This is essential to any really good coffee bar that is worth anything at all. If they are getting their beans from someone else, they are not a coffee bar, they are a café. Then you may get enough caffeine to perk you up, but it may not be anything that you really want to enjoy on a daily basis.

They serve in actual coffee cups. If you are guying only paper to go cups at your coffee bar, they are not a coffee bar that you should take too seriously. To go coffee places have been incredibly wonderful for the parents and busy bees of the country, but they are not for the true coffee connoisseur. A true coffee bar will have actual coffee ceramic mugs that you will be able to enjoy on a new level.
There are people working there. I don’t mean the baristas. I mean people all sitting around a coffee shop with their laptops working like crazy. If a coffee bar has people so dedicated that they want to drink the coffee all day, it is a good sign that the coffee is actually worth it. It used to be the case that you would see people with laptops all over the place for the reason of using electricity and wifi. But since wifi is pretty much anywhere, people are not limited to where they can get wifi and still hang out with their laptops.
Verve Coffee Roasters

There are not a lot of children running around. Nothing against people who take their children to coffee bars, but seriously coffee bars usually don’t have too many children running around and do not have a child friendly menu. This is because, quite simply, most children are not going to sit around drinking coffee. And people usually go to a coffee bar to enjoy coffee, something that they do not want to do with their kids around. Especially parents with little kids who do not get to enjoy a hot cup of coffee in their own house. They should be able to enjoy it in a coffee bar.
The types of coffee served are not full of sugar. I’m talking about all of the mochas, caramel blends, and sugar excuses for hot beverages that are really just milk with sugar and a dash of caffeine. A coffee bar is not going to mask the amazing coffee they make with a lot of crap. If it is all crap on the menu, you know that the coffee bar is not worth your time of day.
The coffee bar is full of hipsters. You know the type. The people who think that they drank coffee before it was ever cool. That they were the original people to discover this coffee bar. Or maybe even believe that the coffee bar was inspired by them somehow. This may be one of the most irritating types of people on the planet, but if they are hanging out at your local coffee bar, it is because the coffee there is so good that they want to claim that they had the idea or discovered it first.

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