If you are looking to have a great start to your day, you should start with a hot breakfast a great cup of fresh coffee. Seriously, I cannot think of anything better to great you in the morning that the sweet aroma of coffee, luring you into a sweet wake-up. But did you know that there are different coffees to suit your needs? You are not limited to one kind of coffee or one brew of coffee. There is an entire world of coffee out there waiting for you!

Brands of Coffee

If you are looking in the grocery store for coffee, you could be overwhelmed by the different brands of coffee that are out there. Most of the major chains of coffee stands actually sell their coffee grounds in super markets nowadays so you can enjoy an entire pot of fresh coffee the morning without ever leaving your kitchen.

The best brands you can buy are:



  1. McDonalds: Yes I know this one is surprising, but McDonalds makes some seriously amazing coffee. They are highly rated over and over again in taste tests. And while buying it from a McDonalds restaurant won’t break the bank, you can now buy the grounds themselves and brew fresh coffee right at home. This is the only nationwide chain I’m including on the list, but it is so easy to find compared to the others, that I feel like it really needs to be included.


  1. Slate Coffee Roasters: While Seattle is best-known for being the birthplace of the Starbucks industry, they do have other brands that are actually more amazing than the Starbucks that you have grown to know and love over time. Slate strays as far away as possible from Starbucks by using an exposure roasting technique that increases the amount of aroma that comes off the coffee.


  1. Stumptown Roasters: Keeping with the amazing coffee that comes from the Pacific Northwest, Stumptown has made a name for themselves from having the very memorable Hair Bender blend. People have scoffed because the brand was bought by Peet’s Coffee, but that has not changed how Stumptown operates or compromised that quality of coffee that we have grown to love.


  1. Verve Coffee Roasters: This Santa Cruz roaster is really part of the upper echelon of American coffee culture. They are so specific and fantastic that Santa Cruz’s reputation for coffee is rapidly and unexpectedly perhaps, booming.
  2. Lofted Coffee: Lofted Coffee, of Brooklyn, New York, is a boutique roaster, meaning that their coffee is really in a small batch and they are anti-blending. They celebrate that each type of coffee is completely unique.

What are the Common Types of Coffee Beans?

There are many different coffee beans out there so it can be confusing if you aren’t sure what you are accustomed to drinking and enjoying.

The most common types of coffee beans are:

  1. Arabica: This is a flavorful bean, but it contains less caffeine than other beans. The different areas it is grown has a great effect over what the flavor of the coffee winds up being like.
  2. Robusta: The Robusta bean is less oily than the Arabica bean, which results in a more acidic taste. Usually Robusta beans are cheaper and is commonly blended into other types of coffee beans.

Where Should I Get My Coffee From

Getting your fresh brewed coffee from your local coffee house and independent roaster is the ideal situation. Though admittedly, sometimes you simply just want to be able to enjoy your coffee right at home. If that is the case, see if you can get fresh beans or grounds from a local roaster and enjoy!


You could be thinking to yourself, “What is a quick food bar?” Well I’m here to help you understand what the awesomeness of a quick food bar is and why you should either open one yourself or go find out where the closest one is at.

What is it?

The best way to describe a quick food bar is to say that it is like fast food if fast food were awesome. I’m not trying to knock down people who really enjoy fast food, but it is important to understand that a quick food bar is just not the same thing.

In a quick food bar, you will have nothing prepackaged or frozen. Everything is going to be made fresh every day. And it is going to be readily accessible when you want it, meaning that you don’t have to wait for the food to be completely cooked from start to finish, but that the food was made recently and it is waiting for you in all of its deliciousness.

Is it like a food cart?

Yes you can think of a quick food bar as a kind of food carts. Food carts are common all over the country in every big city. They supply freshly cooked food that you can run over and grab on your lunch break. The food is guaranteed to be delicious, but it is not processed or from frozen like fast food.

The difference between a quick food bar and a food cart is that the bar is always going to be there. Food carts move around all the time. That is the true beauty of them. But wouldn’t you love a little bar just down the street from you where you can run in really quickly, grab something and run back. Get convenient food that is not guaranteed to kill you over time. It sounds like a win.

What kinds of foods are at a quick food bar?

Just like food carts, there is a huge variety in types of food bars out there. You can find bars that have simply burgers and fries, you can find quick food bars that serve coffee and breakfast to go, and even quick food bars that are Chinese food. The best, in my opinion, are the coffee breakfast quick food bars. You can run in when you are in a morning hurry, grab a fresh cup of coffee and a breakfast burrito made from actual ingredients and dash off to your day.

Anything that you could dream of eating could be at a quick food bar. If you are not finding one that serves what you like to eat, that is when you may know that it could be time to explore the option of starting one up for yourself.

Is it a good idea to start my own?

I always support the entrepreneurial spirt inside of people. I say if you are interested in starting your won quick food bar you should look into it. See if you have the cooking abilities or know someone who does. Then look into what your city requires as far as food health and safety goes. And then you can find your space where you will be able to serve your patrons. Once that is all setup you can tell everyone you know that you have opened up a quick food bar that is serving just the food that people want without the long wait to have it cooked or sacrificing quality for speed. You will be more successful in a business area where people dash in and out for food constantly.

Do your research, then go ahead and make something delicious to serve!


Supporting your local coffee part is incredibly important to contributing to your local economy. Coffee is a legal drug that is not going anywhere. Too many people rely on it in order to make it through their day. In fact, there is simply nothing more refreshing to help wake you up in the morning that that aromatic coffee, which you can find at your local coffee bars. So how do you know what local coffee bar is actually worth your time, money, and patronage?

Here’s my tips:

They roast their own beans. This is essential to any really good coffee bar that is worth anything at all. If they are getting their beans from someone else, they are not a coffee bar, they are a café. Then you may get enough caffeine to perk you up, but it may not be anything that you really want to enjoy on a daily basis.

They serve in actual coffee cups. If you are guying only paper to go cups at your coffee bar, they are not a coffee bar that you should take too seriously. To go coffee places have been incredibly wonderful for the parents and busy bees of the country, but they are not for the true coffee connoisseur. A true coffee bar will have actual coffee ceramic mugs that you will be able to enjoy on a new level.
There are people working there. I don’t mean the baristas. I mean people all sitting around a coffee shop with their laptops working like crazy. If a coffee bar has people so dedicated that they want to drink the coffee all day, it is a good sign that the coffee is actually worth it. It used to be the case that you would see people with laptops all over the place for the reason of using electricity and wifi. But since wifi is pretty much anywhere, people are not limited to where they can get wifi and still hang out with their laptops.
Verve Coffee Roasters

There are not a lot of children running around. Nothing against people who take their children to coffee bars, but seriously coffee bars usually don’t have too many children running around and do not have a child friendly menu. This is because, quite simply, most children are not going to sit around drinking coffee. And people usually go to a coffee bar to enjoy coffee, something that they do not want to do with their kids around. Especially parents with little kids who do not get to enjoy a hot cup of coffee in their own house. They should be able to enjoy it in a coffee bar.
The types of coffee served are not full of sugar. I’m talking about all of the mochas, caramel blends, and sugar excuses for hot beverages that are really just milk with sugar and a dash of caffeine. A coffee bar is not going to mask the amazing coffee they make with a lot of crap. If it is all crap on the menu, you know that the coffee bar is not worth your time of day.
The coffee bar is full of hipsters. You know the type. The people who think that they drank coffee before it was ever cool. That they were the original people to discover this coffee bar. Or maybe even believe that the coffee bar was inspired by them somehow. This may be one of the most irritating types of people on the planet, but if they are hanging out at your local coffee bar, it is because the coffee there is so good that they want to claim that they had the idea or discovered it first.

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