You could be thinking to yourself, “What is a quick food bar?” Well I’m here to help you understand what the awesomeness of a quick food bar is and why you should either open one yourself or go find out where the closest one is at.

What is it?

The best way to describe a quick food bar is to say that it is like fast food if fast food were awesome. I’m not trying to knock down people who really enjoy fast food, but it is important to understand that a quick food bar is just not the same thing.

In a quick food bar, you will have nothing prepackaged or frozen. Everything is going to be made fresh every day. And it is going to be readily accessible when you want it, meaning that you don’t have to wait for the food to be completely cooked from start to finish, but that the food was made recently and it is waiting for you in all of its deliciousness.

Is it like a food cart?

Yes you can think of a quick food bar as a kind of food carts. Food carts are common all over the country in every big city. They supply freshly cooked food that you can run over and grab on your lunch break. The food is guaranteed to be delicious, but it is not processed or from frozen like fast food.

The difference between a quick food bar and a food cart is that the bar is always going to be there. Food carts move around all the time. That is the true beauty of them. But wouldn’t you love a little bar just down the street from you where you can run in really quickly, grab something and run back. Get convenient food that is not guaranteed to kill you over time. It sounds like a win.

What kinds of foods are at a quick food bar?

Just like food carts, there is a huge variety in types of food bars out there. You can find bars that have simply burgers and fries, you can find quick food bars that serve coffee and breakfast to go, and even quick food bars that are Chinese food. The best, in my opinion, are the coffee breakfast quick food bars. You can run in when you are in a morning hurry, grab a fresh cup of coffee and a breakfast burrito made from actual ingredients and dash off to your day.

Anything that you could dream of eating could be at a quick food bar. If you are not finding one that serves what you like to eat, that is when you may know that it could be time to explore the option of starting one up for yourself.

Is it a good idea to start my own?

I always support the entrepreneurial spirt inside of people. I say if you are interested in starting your won quick food bar you should look into it. See if you have the cooking abilities or know someone who does. Then look into what your city requires as far as food health and safety goes. And then you can find your space where you will be able to serve your patrons. Once that is all setup you can tell everyone you know that you have opened up a quick food bar that is serving just the food that people want without the long wait to have it cooked or sacrificing quality for speed. You will be more successful in a business area where people dash in and out for food constantly.

Do your research, then go ahead and make something delicious to serve!

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