What is a quick food bar?

A quick food bar is exactly like a fast food chain, but with fresh ingredients that are made on a local level. So the food is ready right when you need it, but without all of the gross things that come with eating fast food.

Are there more than one kinds of foods at a quick food bar?

Due to the nature of a quick food bar, they are usually specialized in one type of food. For example, an Indian cuisine quick food bar is not going to serve Greek food. But they can serve several different meals in the same type of foods. You are really not going to have a huge variety of options though, because of what it is.

Why are there more than one types of coffee?

There are two primary kinds of coffee beans: Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is more expensive and more delicious as a result. Robusta is much cheaper and usually used in blended coffees. There are more than one type because there are more than one type of coffee plants, just like flowers and vegetables.

Why did you start a quick food coffee bar?

Because I am serious about my coffee. Coffee is such a beautiful tool to help people survive their own schedules. Having good and fresh coffee available along with nutritious food will improve the overall health of people everywhere. It is just a good idea.

Are quick food bars always successful?

The truth of the matter is that restaurants have it tough no matter where they are. They get dumped on an awful lot and have a high rate of being shut down the first year that they open. I think that I have had better luck with my quick food bar because it is good food in a solid location. If I were somewhere more remote, it would not have been even remotely successful.

Who makes the best coffee in the world?

There are so many coffee roasters out there that you simply cannot pick one as the reigning leader for coffee in the world. If you are looking for a national chain that is accessible most everywhere, then I would honestly say McDonalds, even though their food is actually what the quick food bar is fighting against. But their coffee wins in taste tests over and over again. McDonalds coffee has won repeatedly in taste tests though and you cannot beat the price. If you are thinking more local coffee, check with your local roasting company if you have one. If you don’t, see if there are any nearby that you could maybe buy some grounds from. Not all places have local coffee roasters, which is how Starbucks really became successful with their global chains. It makes sense that Starbucks became a hit because of its model, but most of its coffee tastes burnt and overcooked; something that should not be the case if you are getting a local roast.